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New TCD Of The Week: Comet Waterproof Binoculars

Ideal for bird watching, hunting, site seeing, sailing, concerts, sports watching, and exploring, you’ll love these Comet Waterproof Binoculars! In addition to 12x magnification with a 25 mm objective lens, these compact and lightweight HD high-powered binoculars feature XMC Technology with BAK4 prism for superior resolution and crystal clear vision, even in weak light conditions.

The durable magnesium chassis provides a comfortable grip, and the waterproof and dustproof design ensures optimum operation in the most rugged environments. The portable Comet Binoculars even come with a right eyepiece diopter adjustment knob to compensate for vision differences between your left and right eyes.

Ships FREE to most countries.

New TripleClicks homepage (and more)!

We are excited to unveil a brand new, totally redesigned, homepage at TripleClicks!

The new design is also now fully mobile-friendly!  Whether you visit TripleClicks on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it’ll look great…and work great!


One of the first things you’ll notice is that we’ve made the menu much cleaner and simpler.  There are now just four main sections:

  • BUY
  • SELL
  • BID
  • PLAY

Note: The former ECA , DEALS, and DIGITALS sections have been incorporated into the home page, BUY, and search engine.  And we’ve eliminated the MUSIC section, Song Of The Month tournament, etc.  Why?  The way music is purchased and enjoyed has changed dramatically over the last five years, and we are, unfortunately, just not positioned to compete in this space any more.

By focusing on four core sections, we are going to be able to do SO much more to grow TripleClicks.  Indeed, this overhaul now sets the stage for MAJOR improvements, including:

  • A much bigger and better ECA program, with thousands of new sellers, and hundreds of thousands of new products–with better quality and better pricing, too.  We have big, big plans!
  • A more robust auction section–with new types of auctions in the works.
  • More and better online games to attract to TripleClicks a MUCH larger share of the more than 100 million people who play games online daily.

A cleaner, simpler site also make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.  In other words, look for a growth trend in sales soon, too!

Note: There are still some pages that are in the process of being overhauled.  For example, a slick new mobile-friendly shopping cart and checkout page will debut soon.  And a new Member Center, ECA Center, and more will follow over the next few weeks.

We hope you will take a few minutes to head over to now and explore our new look!

P.S. As alluded to above, this overhaul is just the appetizer.  The stage is now set for a plethora of powerful and exciting new additions we’ve been working on for months…so stay tuned and be prepared to be delighted by what’s coming!

Time to get your TripleClicks avatar!

We love making TripleClicks FUN, and today we’re tickled to introduce personalized member avatars for our TripleClicks members!

What’s an avatar?  An avatar is an image you choose that will represent you at TripleClicks.  But unlike photos, they still offer you a high level of privacy/security.

TripleClicks will be using avatars exclusively from  Here’s just a tiny sampling of the types of avatars you can create using  Aren’t they awesome?!


The degree of personalization is virtually unlimited.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, clothing, glasses, and more can all be personalized however you like.  You can make your avatar look just like you…or feel free to get silly and create a distinctive “alter ego” version of yourself!  But don’t forget to smile!

To get your avatar in place, just head over to and follow the simple directions.  Note that no purchase is required to create your new pickaface avatar.

Once you’ve uploaded your avatar and it’s been approved by us, it will immediately take the place of your country flag image we have been using by default.  Your new avatar will now represent you on your Member TConnect page and on any TripleClicks leaderboards you’re on.  Additionally, it may appear on things like member listings and represent you in Eager Zebra games!

We feel that these new avatars, besides being a lot of fun, will make TripleClicks come alive for all who visit the site, so don’t wait.  Help us make TripleClicks better than ever; go create and upload your new avatar NOW.

New TripleClicks Cell Phone Pocket

366118Take your TC pride on the go and keep your essential items close by with the  new TripleClicks Cell Phone Pocket. This clever silicone stick-on cell phone pocket–featuring an attractive TripleClicks logo–comes with an adhesive backing that sticks securely to the back of your cell phone, yet leaves no sticky residue when removed. Store your credit cards, IDs, hotel room key cards, gym passes, or business cards safely and securely for quick trips to the store, crowded concerts, gym visits, business trips, and much more!

The TripleClicks Cell Phone Pocket costs just $6.49 for a set of two and comes in black or green. A perfect item for anyone on the go!

Get yours at:

or purchase a single cell phone pocket at the MRP store at a special MRP price:

More TripleClicks items on the way…so stay tuned!

Big changes at TripleClicks!

newattripleclicksfb_thumbWOW! We’ve just finished a very important and major overhaul of the underlying code of TripleClicks.  You will notice many differences, such as:

  • The site is MUCH faster and more secure!
  • New and improved check-out process!
  • Member usernames are now used everywhere including on Pricebenders bid logs!
  • Everyone has a new, redesigned Member TConnect page!
  • Many more!

Not only that, but the “floodgates can now open wide” for TripleClicks’ future.  You see, we have been planning many, many, many amazing additions for TripleClicks–some that we have been working on for more than two years.  But they’ve been put on hold until this huge overhaul was completed.  And now it’s arrived, and we can  proceed…so be looking for even more marvelous and powerful new features and additions to TripleClicks over the coming months!  Get ready for the boom!

New TripleClicks Portfolio debuts

ez_portShow off your TC pride while keeping your important items handy with the new TripleClicks Portfolio! Constructed to stand up to everyday use and featuring an attractive TC logo in white on the front, the TripleClicks portfolio is crafted from a vibrant green, UltraHide simulated leather for a professional look and feel. Its compact size is perfect for travel and the zippered closure secures your papers on the go. Inside, the TC Portfolio features two slanted pockets, a writing pad, and a loop for a wide body pen; a front envelope pocket makes tickets and maps accessible.

At only $16.95, the TripleClicks Portfolio makes a great, affordable companion for the busy entrepreneur or anyone on the go!

Get yours at:

or purchase one at the MRP store at a special MRP price:

More TripleClicks items on the way…so stay tuned!

TripleClicks Milestone: 150,000 Twitter followers!

TC-WeDidItWOW… now has more than 150,000 Twitter followers! If you’re not following us on Twitter, take a moment and do it now, and help us reach our goal of 200,000 followers. Just click the Twitter link within the Getting Started section of your Affiliate Center To-Do List. You’ll also earn 20 bonus VP!

Not on Twitter yet? Join the more than 500 million plus people worldwide using this real-time network to connect to the latest stories, ideas, opinions, news, and more. Join Twitter at