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Spotlight Merchant Directory is here!

Back in early December, we introduced you to the Spotlight Merchants program and our first merchant (Fat Brain Toys).  Today we’re introducing 27 additional merchants to the program, representing thousands of great new products in over a dozen different categories!


Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked.  To browse these new merchants and products, we are debuting today our SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS DIRECTORY at TripleClicks.

In the directory, each merchant has his/her own panel that provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.

Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.

Additionally, at the top of the directory, there’s a handy category menu, plus time-saving filters and sorts.

Start shopping TODAY!

Couple using credit card to shop online conveniently

You can start browsing all 28 Spotlight Merchants now at:

Q & A

Q: What kind of stuff can I buy through Spotlight Merchants?
Categories right now include health/nutritional products, clothing and accessories, computers and electronics, travel, pet supplies, food, personal care, jewelry, gifts, toys, business-related products, and more.   And this is only the beginning.  Throughout 2017, we hope to expand the Spotlight Merchant program to hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of not only products but services, too!

Q: Will there be international Spotlight Merchants?
Absolutely, yes! We’re just at the very start of building our database of merchants, but we intend to have Spotlight Merchants from countries all over the world!

Q: The Spotlight Merchants program sounds GREAT.  Any other big announcements to kick off the new year?

YES!  Stay tuned…let’s get this party going!

New BUY NOW feature at Pricebenders!

screenshot_1210Effective immediately, on many Pricebenders auctions, you will now have the option to get all your bids back by simply buying outright the item you were bidding on! You can do this at any time while the auction is going on–or for up to 24 hours after the auction has ended.

The Buy Now (BN) price will typically be the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), but may be lower or higher in some instances, depending on our costs.


Yes, you can now bid boldly and with confidence at Pricebenders…because, no matter how many bids you make, you can get them all returned immediately to your account…by simply buying the item you wanted in the first place!

Please note that once you’ve used the BN option for an auction, you can no longer bid in that auction.

Q & A

Q: How do I know which auctions have the BN option?
All auctions that have the BN option available will display a blue shopping cart icon at the bottom of the panel on the Pricebenders index.  To purchase the item (and get all your bids back), just click the cart icon displayed on the right side of the image.


Q: Where can I find out what the BN price is?
The BN price will always be listed in the sidebar on the Auction Details page (get to the Auction Details page by clicking the item’s title or image).

Q: What do I do if I want to use the BN option and buy the item?
Once you’ve bid on an auction from the Auctions Index, a shopping cart icon will appear to the right of the image.  Click this icon to proceed to checkout.  Or, from an individual auction’s details page, click the “Buy Now” button located above the auction’s product description.  Alternately, if the auction has already ended, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail from TripleClicks with a link you can use to make your purchase within 24 hours.

Q: Is MRP awarded when making a BN purchase?
MRP is awarded ONLY on BN purchases of TCredit packs (excludes Progressive TCredits pack auctions).

Q: Which items will NOT have the BN option and why?
Physical products that we are unable to acquire at wholesale prices will not have the BN option.

Q: Is BN available for all bidders in all countries?
For most physical items, the BN option will only be available for USA and Canada residents at this time.  For many non-physical auctions (such as TCredit packs), however, BN will be available to all bidders from all countries.

Q: So what happens exactly when I click on the icon to purchase the item I’ve been bidding on?
Clicking the shopping cart icon will take you to a page with the BN price and other details, and a link to place your order (buy now) if you want to.

Q: What if I decide I want to take advantage of the BN option AFTER an auction has ended?
As soon as a BN-eligible auction ends, we’ll automatically send all bidders a brief e-mail with a link to buy the item and get your TCredits back.  Note: The offer is good only for 24 hours after the auction ends, so don’t delay if you wish to take advantage of the offer.

Q: Is shipping free on BN purchases?
There are no shipping costs on digital items but, on physical items, you will have to pay the shipping cost when you check out.

New TripleClicks homepage (and more)!

We are excited to unveil a brand new, totally redesigned, homepage at TripleClicks!

The new design is also now fully mobile-friendly!  Whether you visit TripleClicks on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it’ll look great…and work great!


One of the first things you’ll notice is that we’ve made the menu much cleaner and simpler.  There are now just four main sections:

  • BUY
  • SELL
  • BID
  • PLAY

Note: The former ECA , DEALS, and DIGITALS sections have been incorporated into the home page, BUY, and search engine.  And we’ve eliminated the MUSIC section, Song Of The Month tournament, etc.  Why?  The way music is purchased and enjoyed has changed dramatically over the last five years, and we are, unfortunately, just not positioned to compete in this space any more.

By focusing on four core sections, we are going to be able to do SO much more to grow TripleClicks.  Indeed, this overhaul now sets the stage for MAJOR improvements, including:

  • A much bigger and better ECA program, with thousands of new sellers, and hundreds of thousands of new products–with better quality and better pricing, too.  We have big, big plans!
  • A more robust auction section–with new types of auctions in the works.
  • More and better online games to attract to TripleClicks a MUCH larger share of the more than 100 million people who play games online daily.

A cleaner, simpler site also make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.  In other words, look for a growth trend in sales soon, too!

Note: There are still some pages that are in the process of being overhauled.  For example, a slick new mobile-friendly shopping cart and checkout page will debut soon.  And a new Member Center, ECA Center, and more will follow over the next few weeks.

We hope you will take a few minutes to head over to now and explore our new look!

P.S. As alluded to above, this overhaul is just the appetizer.  The stage is now set for a plethora of powerful and exciting new additions we’ve been working on for months…so stay tuned and be prepared to be delighted by what’s coming!