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New auction item at Pricebenders!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Burn some extras calories and boost your productivity while at your desk or watching TV with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike. Completely portable and whisper quiet, the Sunny Exercise bike can fit easily under your work desk and won’t get in the way or distract your co-workers. Eight resistance levels adjusted via a micro tension knob allows for a moderate or intense workout, while a digital readout displays the time, speed, distance, ODM, and calories burned. The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike also comes with safety pedal straps that work well with your feet or–for an upper body workout–your hands! NOTE: 220 lbs maximum user weight.


Compact–Space Saver
Compact, space saving design (21.7 x 14 x 18.1 inches) can be stored away easily. Perfect fit for under your work desk to exercise on the job!

Digital Monitor
Tracking your progress is simple with the Digital Monitor screen! Displaying your Time, Speed, Distance, ODM, and Calories, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace. With a convenient scan mode, you can choose to have these features continuously repeated to keep up with all calculations.

Adjustable Resistance
Switch up the intensity of your workout with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey. Perfect for any user’s skill level.

Oversized textured non-slip foot pedals will accommodate all sizes, while remaining grip to ensure safe footing during the most demanding vigorous workouts! Large heavy duty plastic strap will keep you in place. 220 lbs maximum user weight

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ATTN: Winning bidders living outside the U.S. and Canada can have this Pricebenders item shipped for free to a U.S. address! Alternately, international winners of this item can choose to participate in our Gift Certificate Exchange or the “Your Choice Dropshipping” program.

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