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Getting clear…on Auto-Deliveries

With the recent changes pertaining to purchases at TripleClicks—specifically: Auto-Delivery orders (previously Standing Orders), we thought it would be a good idea to clarify the rules for these types of orders.

What has changed:

  1. To receive the Auto-Delivery discounted price of any item, you need to order the item for immediate processing AND set it up for Auto-Delivery for subsequent months.
  2. Accepted payment methods for Auto-Delivery orders are limited to Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, and TCurrency. Note: On orders using TCurrency, we are using a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy.  That is, if you set up an Auto-Delivery using TCurrency as the payment method and you fail to have enough funds in your TCurrency account when we attempt to process your Auto-Delivery, upon the third instance of this you will no longer be allowed to use TCurrency for Auto-Delivery orders.  So be sure to always make sure your TCurrency account is properly funded!

To set up a new Auto-Delivery:

  1. Go to TripleClicks and locate the product you want and that you want to have automatically delivered each month.  You will need to be on the item’s Product Details page.
  2. Click the “Add to cart” button.
  3. Choose the quantity of the item you wish to receive.
  4. Check the box to confirm you want Auto-Delivery.
  5. Click the “Create Auto-Delivery” button.
  6. Click the “Check Out Now” button.
  7. Enter your shipping and billing address information (if needed).
  8. Click the “Continue Checkout” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.
  9. Choose your payment method (For Auto-Deliveries, accepted payment methods are credit card, debit card, PayPal, or TCurrency).
  10. Review the Auto-Delivery terms/agreement.
  11. Submit your order.
  12. We will now initiate the process of delivery of your chosen item immediately.  Then, starting next month, on the date you’ve chosen, we will automatically charge you for and deliver the item again, and for each subsequent month until at which time you cancel your Auto-Delivery.

To EDIT an Auto-Delivery (delivery date, quantity, etc.):

  1. Go to the Auto-Delivery Manager from the Member Center at TripleClicks.
  2. Click the “Edit or cancel one or more Auto-Delivery orders” link at the top of the page.
  3. To adjust the quantity of an item, see the Quantity column beside the item’s name. Enter the quantity desired and click the “Update” button.
  4. To adjust payment method, backup payment method, billing address, shipping address, shipping method, or processing date, refer to the Order Summary section.
  5. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.
  6. Your change(s) has now been saved and will take effect the next time your Auto-Delivery is processed.

To CANCEL an Auto-Delivery:

  1. Go to the Auto-Delivery Manager from the Member Center at TripleClicks.
  2. Click the “Edit or cancel one or more Auto-Delivery orders” link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “Remove” button under the item you wish to cancel.
  4. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to confirm.
  5. Auto-Delivery for this item has now been cancelled.  You will no longer receive or be charged automatically for this item.


One more thing…

If you ever want to have your Auto-Delivery processed NOW (instead of waiting for your normal processing date)…OR…if you want to have your Auto-Delivery processed multiple times in the same month (because, for example, you need to replenish your stock of TCredits), you can!  Just click the green “Quick Order” button at the bottom of the Auto-Delivery Manager page. Note: For the following month, your Auto-Delivery will be processed as usual on your normal processing date.

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