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Spotlight Merchant Directory is here!

Back in early December, we introduced you to the Spotlight Merchants program and our first merchant (Fat Brain Toys).  Today we’re introducing 27 additional merchants to the program, representing thousands of great new products in over a dozen different categories!


Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked.  To browse these new merchants and products, we are debuting today our SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS DIRECTORY at TripleClicks.

In the directory, each merchant has his/her own panel that provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.

Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.

Additionally, at the top of the directory, there’s a handy category menu, plus time-saving filters and sorts.

Start shopping TODAY!

Couple using credit card to shop online conveniently

You can start browsing all 28 Spotlight Merchants now at:

Q & A

Q: What kind of stuff can I buy through Spotlight Merchants?
Categories right now include health/nutritional products, clothing and accessories, computers and electronics, travel, pet supplies, food, personal care, jewelry, gifts, toys, business-related products, and more.   And this is only the beginning.  Throughout 2017, we hope to expand the Spotlight Merchant program to hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of not only products but services, too!

Q: Will there be international Spotlight Merchants?
Absolutely, yes! We’re just at the very start of building our database of merchants, but we intend to have Spotlight Merchants from countries all over the world!

Q: The Spotlight Merchants program sounds GREAT.  Any other big announcements to kick off the new year?

YES!  Stay tuned…let’s get this party going!

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