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All-New WAVE3 is here!

logo-W3_nobgWe are excited today to unveil the all-new WAVE3 (W3) program!

Let’s start by reviewing what W3’s role has always been about–a program designed to incentivize TC members to spread the word about TripleClicks.  With the new W3, we’ve taken this objective and dramatically expanded it and made it more attractive than ever.  Indeed, we’ve just empowered our current 4 million+ TC members to help us grow to 400 million TC Members…and beyond!

Following are the new qualifications and benefits:


To become a W3 member, you now simply have to refer a new TripleClicks member.  Yes, W3 is now a 100% FREE program!  There is no kit to buy, no photo to upload, no monthly re-qualifications, etc.  Just refer a TC member and gain instant W3 membership!

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a new referral).  So, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you’ll always be a W3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.


  1. Exclusive W3 Member badge
  2. Free monthly Member Listing
  3. Free monthly download of the TC Song of the Month
  4. Additional 5% discount on any one day’s Deal-of-the-Day of your choice each month
  5. For each TCredit spent by referrals, you’ll earn a free bonus entry in the Daily Crown drawing for that day, for a full year (maximum 5 free bonus entries per day)
  6. Earn unlimited MRP Bounties: Earn MRP when referrals buy and win. Example: If you challenge a friend to play Card King and they post a top-50 score within 10 days, you automatically earn 300 MRP!  Note: Each POR (point of referral) may have different MRP amounts and/or qualifications for earning the MRP Bounty.
  7. Win unlimited TCredits!  Lifetime 10% Zackpot Matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your referred TC Members.  Qualifications:  Personal minimum $20 purchase at TripleClicks (cash purchase, no MPR or TCredits) AND played same game on same day or period as the winning referred TC Member.
  8. Additional recognition (e.g. badges/leaderboard for active “wave makers”–those who refer lots of TC members)
  9. Free W3 promotional aids (banners for blogs, etc.)


A key element to understanding how the new W3 program works is understanding PORs (points of referral). PORs are now located throughout the site.  You’ll find PORs on:

  • All Product Details pages
  • All ECA TConnect pages
  • All TC Artist TConnect pages (coming soon)
  • All Auction Details pages
  • The Pricebenders Auction schedule
  • Eager Zebra “game over” recap pages
  • The TC Music Player
  • Banners (coming soon)
  • and more

So what is a POR?  A POR is simply a place at TripleClicks that includes a link any TC member can use to initiate invitations to friends.  Specifically, they are invitations to check out a particular TripleClicks product listing, an auction, an artist, a song, or a game.  There will also be invitations you can issue to friends who are musicians (to list their music on TripleClicks) and for friends who own businesses (to become ECAs).

On games, PORs will be presented as a “Friend Challenge.” For products, music, auctions, and so forth, PORs will be presented as “Share & Win!” links.

When a TC member clicks on any POR link, they’ll see a pop-up panel like this (each is customized for whatever your invitation is about):


At the bottom of the panel, inside the white box, you’ll notice there is a unique URL.  Copy and paste the link on social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) or include in an email or wherever appropriate.  Note! You may use these links with people you know ONLY.  Spamming is strictly prohibited as always.

When your friends click on the link, they’ll see a specially customized page featuring your name (each is customized for whatever your invitation is about).  Here’s an example of a standard product share:

w3_insertproductHere’s an example of what your friends will see when you’ve provided them with a Friend Challenge link:

Note that it includes your avatar, so you’ll want to make sure you have one uploaded and/or that it’s one you’re comfortable with your friends seeing.  Add/update your avatar HERE.



W3 also now has its own nifty “central info page” located at:


1. Friend Challenge links must be earned for games.  Following are the games and the requirements for earning a Friend Challenge link:

  • Gold Streak (must achieve minimum streak of 6)
  • Knockout Trivia (must make it to minimum round 5)
  • Card King (must score at least 610 points)
  • Time Machine (must win a share of the Time Machine Zackpot)
  • Pick The Price (must win a share of the PTP Zackpot)

2. To drive activity and help assure that all W3 members are taking advantage of all the W3 benefits (free monthly Member Listing, free monthly music download, special Deal-of-the-Day discount, etc.), all W3 members will receive a new W3 newsletter every month.  Included will be tips about how to refer TC members so that your referred TC Members continue to spread the word about TripleClicks so they can earn more and more goodies for themselves and create more and more referred TC Members for YOU!

3. We are grandfathering in as W3 members (for 120 days) every person who ever ordered the now-obsolete W3 kit.  So if you ordered the kit anytime in the past, you’re all set up as a W3 member for 120 days…and you can extend your membership indefinitely just by referring a new TC member at least once every 120 days going forward.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Start using the new Invitation Links now located all over TripleClicks to generate new referred TC Members!


Q: W3 sounds complicated.  Can you explain it in a short, simple way?
The new W3 program makes it easy to attract new referred TC Members and generate sales and commissions through special, personalized “invitation links” now located throughout TripleClicks.  Just share the links with your friends!

Q: Why would a TC member tell his or her friends about TripleClicks?
LOTS of reasons.  For starters, we all naturally share things we like with our friends.  At TripleClicks, we’re of course talking about products, auctions, games, and music.  W3 makes it super simple to share these things with friends by just sharing a link.  W3 also offers numerous great benefits just for helping us spread the word about TripleClicks.  Review all these amazing benefits HERE.

Q: Is it possible for me to see what my friends will see if they click the Invitation Link I provide?
Yes, just take the URL that you were provided and visit that link with your web browser.  You’ll see exactly what your friends will see.  Important:  Make sure you are currently NOT logged in at TripleClicks.

Q: How will all the millions of existing TC members know about the W3 program, the invitation links, etc.?
We’ll be promoting it heavily in the months to come through newsletters sent to all existing TC members, special banners at the site, etc.

Q; What if my W3 membership expires?
If you allow your W3 membership to expire by not making a TC member referral for more than 120 days, all W3 benefits are forfeited during the period you are not a W3 Member.  MRP Bounties, Bonus Daily Crown entries, Zackpot Matches, etc. that would have been received during the time of the membership lapse cannot be recouped. However, upon re-qualifying, any future benefits for all previously-referred TC members  will resume.

Q: How will I know if someone signs up as a member after receiving one of my Invitation Links?
If you are just a TC member, you’ll receive an email notification any time you earn an MRP Bounty.

Special note: If you put out a Friend Challenge and a friend accepts your challenge, you’ll also receive a special “Challenge Accepted” email–which can include comments from your friend.  This notification goes to referring TC members.

Q: Which invitation links will be the most effective to use?
That’s difficult to say, but we believe that Friend Challenges could be very effective, if nothing else because they speak to fun and games (everyone likes playing games, especially when it’s free to play) instead of products and purchases.  And we have more games coming soon that will be even more natural for sharing and attracting friends to TripleClicks with.

Q: How does the “Share & Win” for Pricebenders auctions work?
From the Auction Schedule you can refer friends to upcoming auctions.  For example, let’s say you know a friend who’s in the market for a new tablet computer.  With just a click you can generate an Invitation Link that you can provide him/her for an upcoming auction for said item.

From any live auction you’ll now see a Share & Win link in the sidebar that you can use.  Note: If your friend uses the link after the auction has ended, they’ll be directed to one of our standard Product Details pages–which includes a schedule of upcoming auctions for that item.

By far the best Pricebenders Invitation Link, however, is the link you’ll earn when you WIN a Pricebenders auction.  When you WIN an auction, the info your friends will see will not only mention your name but also trumpet the product you won, how much you paid for it (the winning price) and the percentage off of the retail price that you saved (e.g. 97%).  These invitations should be VERY compelling!

Q: Are Friend Challenge links available on every game, every time I play?
No, Friend Challenge links must be EARNED.

  • For Gold Streak, you must achieve minimum streak of 6
  • For Knockout Trivia, you must make it to minimum round 5
  • For Card King, you must score at least 610 points
  • For Time Machine, you must win a share of the Time Machine Zackpot
  • For Pick The Price, you must win a share of the PTP Zackpot

Q: How were the requirements determined for earning Friend Challenge links?
For Gold Streak, Card King, and Knockout Trivia, we’re essentially requiring that you post an average to slightly-above average score to earn a link.  For Time Machine and Pick The Price, it was determined that requiring winning a share of the Zackpot was best.

Q: So I can’t refer someone to Time Machine, for example, if I don’t WIN Time Machine?
No.  As always, you can refer anyone to any page at TripleClicks at any time.  The link you provide is just not going to generate the special page that references your name, avatar, etc.

Q: Where will I get the invitation links for Time Machine and Pick The Price since we can’t know if we’ve won until after the entry period has ended?
The Invitation Links (Friend Challenge links) will be located in the emails you receive that confirm winning entries.  Just copy and paste from these emails the links to social media, etc.  This will also apply to winning Pricebenders auctions.  That is, you will receive the special “I won!” Invitation Links in emails we’ll send you to confirm your wins.

Q: I used to get five free TCredits and 50 free MPR every month for being a W3 member.  Do I still get that?
No.  The benefits list has changed.  See:

Q: How long are the invitation links good for?
Friend Challenge links (for games) are good for 10 days and then expire.  All other invitation links are good for one year and will reset for another year each time someone signs up from one of these links.

Q: If an invitation link has expired, where would a person using the link wind up?
For expired links, the landing page will be the homepage.  From here you would of course still be credited if they become a member, make a purchase, etc.

Q: Will there be new marketing aids for the new W3?
Yes, we’ve got a variety of new banners, fliers, etc. coming soon.  Also a brand new X-Card.  Watch for the announcements on these new items.

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