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Brand New TripleClicks Member News site!

Welcome to the brand new TRIPLECLICKS MEMBER NEWS site.  We really like it and we hope you will too.

Tip #1

So you don’t miss important announcements, sign up to receive an e-mail each time we post news.  See the “Follow” button located in the right sidebar to sign up.

Tip #2
Bookmark this page!  If you can’t access, head here to TC Member News (–which is hosted on separate servers.  TC Member News will most likely be fully accessible and may provide you with information on TripleClicks hiccups, site maintenance, etc.

Tip #3
Instead of scrolling through pages of information, you can use the CATEGORY menu located in the right sidebar to display just the posts you’re interested in.

Tip #4
You can use the various share buttons at the bottom of each post to share the information with your TripleClicks-themed social sites, or to easily re-post on your own WordPress blog.  You can also print or use the “e-mail” button to easily send a blog post.

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