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New Eager Zebra game: Zackjack!

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We are very excited today to roll out a brand new Eager Zebra game for the new year!

The game is called ZACKJACK.  We like to think of it as “Blackjack…with a kick!”

The objective of the game is to put together three hands of cards, each equaling 21 points—which we call a “Zackjack.”

Face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are counted as ten points. Aces are counted as 1 point or 11 points, dependent upon the situation. All other cards are counted as the numeric value shown on the card.

At the start of a game, you will be dealt three random cards from a standard 52-card deck. Each of these three cards will represent the start of three separate hands. You will now begin drawing cards, one at a time, from the deck.

Each time you draw a card, you have the option of placing it on any of your three hands.  Click one of the three “arrow” buttons to choose which hand you want to place your card on (again, with the objective of producing a 21 for each hand).

Alternately, you may discard (“burn”) a card drawn, up to five times per game.  Your first two “burns” for each game is free.  You can burn additional cards with TCredits or with “matches” (which may be purchased between games and are less expensive than TCredits).

If on any of your hands you place a card that puts you over 21 for that hand, you “bust” and the game is over.

Special Notes:

  1. Any hand with six cards scores a de facto 21, regardless of the cards in that hand.
  2. You can also end a game before busting if you wish to in order to bank all of your points.


While the primary objective of each game is to score three hands of 21 (a Zackjack), with each card drawn you’re also earning a separate set of “Prize Points”* (points for earning recognition and prizes). Prize Points consist of the values of the cards you draw (e.g. 10 for a face card, or the numeric value shown on the card).

There are also eight ways to earn BONUS Prize Points:

  • For the first 21 scored in a game, you’ll earn 50 bonus Prize Points
  • For the second 21 scored in a game, you’ll earn 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For a Zackjack, you’ll earn 500 bonus Prize Points.
  • For any all-red 21, add an additional 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For any all-black 21, add an additional 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For any 6-card 21, add an additional 250 bonus Prize Points
  • For a 6-card Zackjack, add an additional 500 bonus Prize Points
  • Add a timed bonus of up to 180 bonus Prize Points. You’ll start each game with 180 points, with 3 points deducted for each second of game time. In other words, the faster you play, the more timed bonus Prize Points you’ll get added to your score!  Note: A minimum of one 21 must be scored in the game to earn these Prize Points.

Note: All bonus points combine. Example: Achieving a Zackjack consisting of all-red cards would score you 950 total Prize Points.


  • Each time you score a Zackjack, you’ll receive a free entry in the Daily Crown for the following day where you can win valuable gift certificates, MRP (Member Rewards Points), mighty TCredits, and more! You get 152 chances to win with each Daily Crown entry! Note: Daily Crown entries that can be won via Zackjack are limited to your designated Prime 10* games each day (so up to 10 bonus Daily Crown entries per day).
  • If you are in the top 10 for most Zackjack Prize Points scored during the month, we’ll send you a free Zackjack t-shirt (limit 2 t-shirts per player/year)! Note: Eligible points are limited to your designated Prime 10* games per day.


You may play an unlimited* number of games each day…FREE.  Yes, there is no cost to play Zackjack or win prizes!

*You can play unlimited free games daily.  However, only 10 games may be used towards Prize Points and (some) badges.  YOU choose which games you want to use.  These ten games are referred to as your “Prime 10.”


For each TCredit spent playing Zackjack, you’ll earn earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) redeemable on thousands of products at TripleClicks.  A


Zackjack is our first Eager Zebra game that is fully mobile-friendly.  You can play Zackjack on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

Special Note: We have tested Zackjack on a wide variety of mobile devices and sizes.  However, Zackjack may not be fully optimized on every device out there.  If Zackjack is not working like you think it should on YOUR device, please submit a ticket with the details, including the make and model of your device, so that we can attempt to fix the problem.


As a Zackjack player, you’ll have the opportunity to win up to 14 badges!  See the complete list HERE at our Eager Zebra Blog.

Special Note: Zackjack leaderboard badges will not be made available for approximately 10 days.


1. We’re rolling out Zackjack today as a BETA.  This means that despite extensive testing that we’ve done on our end,  it’s possible you may encounter some small glitches.  If you do, please report them via a ticket (or mention at the below forum thread discussion), and we’ll address and resolve as quickly as possible.  We’re also, of course, interested in your feedback and suggestions for making the game even better.

2. What you see today is just our “plain vanilla” version 1.0 of the game.  There is more polish, animation, and other goodies coming soon.  Stay tuned.  Moreover, if the game is popular, we have a wide variety of additional features planned that will make Zackjack even more fun, challenging, and rewarding!

3. For the complete OFFICIAL RULES, please refer to the how-to & rules page at the Eager Zebra Blog.

4. We really hope you enjoy playing and telling others about Zackjack.  We’ve had a lot of fun developing it and we hope to grow it into a game enjoyed by millions of people around the world daily!

logo-EZ_nobgYou can check out and play Zackjack FREE now at:

Spotlight Merchant Directory is here!

Back in early December, we introduced you to the Spotlight Merchants program and our first merchant (Fat Brain Toys).  Today we’re introducing 27 additional merchants to the program, representing thousands of great new products in over a dozen different categories!


Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked.  To browse these new merchants and products, we are debuting today our SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS DIRECTORY at TripleClicks.

In the directory, each merchant has his/her own panel that provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.

Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.

Additionally, at the top of the directory, there’s a handy category menu, plus time-saving filters and sorts.

Start shopping TODAY!

Couple using credit card to shop online conveniently

You can start browsing all 28 Spotlight Merchants now at:

Q & A

Q: What kind of stuff can I buy through Spotlight Merchants?
Categories right now include health/nutritional products, clothing and accessories, computers and electronics, travel, pet supplies, food, personal care, jewelry, gifts, toys, business-related products, and more.   And this is only the beginning.  Throughout 2017, we hope to expand the Spotlight Merchant program to hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of not only products but services, too!

Q: Will there be international Spotlight Merchants?
Absolutely, yes! We’re just at the very start of building our database of merchants, but we intend to have Spotlight Merchants from countries all over the world!

Q: The Spotlight Merchants program sounds GREAT.  Any other big announcements to kick off the new year?

YES!  Stay tuned…let’s get this party going!

New Time Machine contest has started!

Time Machine gameZack is back…with the latest edition of our highly popular Eager Zebra game, Time Machine!

The new question is:

How many total points will be scored in Super Bowl 51?

Enter your new prediction at:

TIP: Make sure you head over to our blog at (or click the TIPS button at the top of the Time Machine page) to get some valuable tips for winning the new Time Machine contest.

TIP: You can enter a prediction daily to win a share of what will, no doubt, become a HUGE Zackpot.  And with each Time Machine entry, you also can get a free entry for the new Daily Crown and a chance to win a share of over $1700 in prizes!  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

GOOD LUCK to all our players!

1,006 Winners share Time Machine 31,936 TCredits Zackpot!

EZ-winnerOur most recent Time Machine game ended Tuesday, December, 27th, giving us our long-awaited answer to our question, What will the all-time box office rank for the Doctor Strange movie be on December 27th?

1,006 different TripleClicks members predicted the correct answer of 99.

With a final Zackpot of 31,936, each winner received an equal share of 32 TCredits!

For a complete list of all the winners, see:

Fun Fact: Time Machine has now awarded over 368,862 TCredits to over 6,926 winners.

Note! A brand new Time Machine question is now live. To enter your prediction, go now to:

Tip: See our Time Machine Tips HERE to help you win the new Time Machine Zackpot!

On behalf of Zack the Zebra, CONGRATULATIONS to our latest Time Machine winners!  Enjoy all those mighty TCredits and your new badge!

Introducing…Spotlight Merchants!

We are very excited to unveil an amazing new feature at TripleClicks.  We call it…SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS.screenshot_2004-1

Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked, and that we’ll be adding to a special new directory coming to TripleClicks.  Over time, we hope to add hundreds of popular merchants, representing tens of thousands of products and services…in about every category you can think of!

Meet our first Spotlight Merchant:

logolargeWe’re delighted to have Fat Brain Toys be our very first Spotlight Merchant.

About Fat Brain Toys

As you peruse Fat Brain Toys, you may find something missing. In fact, if you’re accustomed to the toy selection found at most stores, you may find lots of items missing. Missing are the licensed, violent, cheaply made toys that end up in the trash can shortly after being played with by your child. But what you will find instead are THOUSANDS of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that entertain AND educate.

For over 13 years, Fat Brain Toys has been carefully choosing the best toys from around the world.  But their unparalleled selection of quality toys is just one of many reasons that makes Fat Brain Toys unique:

  • They provide toll-free support by their award-winning toy EXPERTS before AND after the sale
  • They stock nearly every product they sell from their own centrally-located (Omaha, Nebraska) warehouse
  • Most in-stock orders are shipped within 24 hours (if not faster!)
  • They ship orders worldwide including military APO’s & FPO’s

But more than anything, Fat Brain Toys is a family owned and operated business that takes great pride in their ability to offer exceptional service to each and every customer. They hope to count YOU among their satisfied customers soon!

Start shopping now…go to:

Q & A

Q: What kind of stuff will I be able to buy through Spotlight Merchants?
Fat Brain Toys is our first Spotlight Merchant, but we have dozens of additional merchants already lined up to debut starting in January.  Categories include health and nutritional products, clothing and accessories, pet supplies, food, personal care products, video games, gifts, business-related products, and much more.   And this is only the beginning.  Throughout 2017, we plan to expand the Spotlight Merchant program to hundreds of merchants and tens of thousands of not only products but services, too!

Q: The Spotlight Merchants program sounds GREAT.  Any other big announcements brewing?
Oh, yes!  January is going to be a very exciting month for TripleClicks!  Stay tuned!

Introducing…Flips and Super Deals!

screenshot_1928We’ve just added a very cool new feature to Pricebenders that we think you’re going to love.  We call them “Flips,” and here’s how it works:

For most auctions of physical goods, you’ll now have a new option each time you win…to put the item you’ve won up for immediate sale at TripleClicks for CASH!

  • Your only cost to “flip your win” is the price you won the auction for plus a nominal $3.50 processing fee to cover our costs to sell the item for you.
  • You set the price for what your item sells for–to up to 70% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).
  • When the item sells, we deposit the proceeds into your TC Member account.  That’s it!

Example: You win a Chromebook laptop computer (MSRP $200) for just $20.00 (including the cost of your bids).  You set the selling price at $129.00–which is a fantastic price for the customer.  Upon the sale, you just made $105.50 in cash! ($129 – $20 cost of win – $3.50 processing fee)

Flips = Super Deals!

With the debut of Flips, we’ll also simultaneously be introducing a new “SUPER DEALS” section to sell flipped items–featured both at TripleClicks and on the TC tab at the Affiliate Center.

What makes them”super deals?” Because every item in this new section will be at least 30% off the MSRP, and most will offer a MUCH greater savings.  Why?  Because when someone wins a Pricebenders auction for a really low price (which is typical), they’re naturally going to be inclined to “price it to sell!”

Indeed, we expect Super Deals to regularly feature deals that no other e-commerce site in the world will be able to match!  Brand new electronics, appliances, and and numerous other great products at a whopping 50% off the regular retail price?  Yes!  60% off?  70% off…or more?  YES!

PLUS, every Super Deal automatically comes with…

  • 50 MRP
  • 20 bonus TCredits (if the item isn’t already bundled with TCredits)

Q & A

Q: What if my flipped item doesn’t sell right away?
If your item isn’t selling, you may need to reduce the price to attract more interest.  You may adjust your pricing down or up, whenever you want, as frequently as once ever 24 hours.

Q: Is there an easy way for me to track and monitor the items I’m flipping?
Yes, in the Member Center, you’ll now find a ledger which lists all current items you have up for sale as well as all items you’ve sold previously.  Dates, prices, etc. are conveniently provided.

Q: Can I only use the proceeds of a Flip sale towards other products at TripleClicks?
No. You use towards any item at TripleClicks…OR…you can opt to receive the proceeds as CASH (works exactly the same as when you generate a Member Listing sale at TripleClicks).

Q: If I choose to flip a win…can I change my mind later?
No, once you’ve chosen “flip” as the option, you’ll need to stick with it.

Q: What if there is more than one Super Deal for the same product?
We will automatically feature the lowest-priced one until it has sold.  The next-best priced  will then move up and take its place in Super Deals.

Q: Will I be able to know if someone else is selling my same item for a lower price so I can consider lowering my price?
Yes, you’ll be advised or be able to know if there are others selling the same item and at what prices.

New auction item at Pricebenders!

Arriving at Pricebenders Auctions: the Keurig K15 Coffee Maker

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker (Black)image-s1-1x

When space and portability are important, the Keurig K15 Coffee Maker is the one you want!

This compact personal coffee maker with 6, 8, and 10 oz. K-Cup pod brew sizes is portable and great for small spaces and makes single cup brewing fast, convenient and simple. To operate, simply add fresh water into the single-use reservoir, choose your favorite K-Cup pod, brew, and enjoy!

Choose from among 500 different K-Cup pod varieties from 75 brands including Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, Lipton, and more. Brew all of your favorites in under two minutes at the touch of a button.


* Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages
* Brews in under two minutes
* K-Cup pod Brew Sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz.
* Compact size
* Removable Drip Tray to accommodate travel mugs
* Button controls
* Indicator lights help guide you through each brew
* Turns off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity
* Available in multiple colors
* Cord storage feature helps with portability
* Compatible with My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter * Includes recipe booklet

View the auction schedule and set up an auction reminder at: