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Introducing…Product Collections for ECAs!

With the COLLECTIONS tool, TripleClicks ECAs can create unlimited, unique themed collections of products to promote.

If you’re an ECA, here’s how to get started:

1. Open the details page of any product at TripleClicks.

2. Click the Add to collection link.

3. When you create a new collection, you’ll be asked to choose a name for it.  Note: Your customers will see this name, so make it a good one and make sure you check your spelling, grammar, etc.  You can also add, if you want, a description of your collection–this will also be seen by your customers.  Here are some examples of good collection names:

Mother’s Day Gifts
Fresh ideas for Spring
Get Healthy in 2016!
My Favorite Books
For Motorcycle Lovers
Cool Cell Phone Accessories
Ladies Hats
Great Gardening Tools

4. The item you chose to start the new collection is automatically added.  Now, add more products to your collection by clicking the Pick Items button. This will take you to a handy screen where you can search and choose other products you want to add to this collection. You can also create collections from your Manage Product collections link in your ECA Center. Type in a collection name and description, click the button. Tip: Use the special search box and enter appropriate keywords and a department name to narrow your search to produce the best suggestions. Check the Add To Collection checkbox for any item you wish to add.

5. Click the DONE button at the bottom of the screen when you’re done adding products. Once a collection is created, it’s automatically displayed in a new section on your ECA TConnect page, and customers viewing your collection can easily add items to their cart to buy!

ECAs can create as many collections as they like…for whatever they want to promote…or for whatever audience (or even person) they want to target!  The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: Once you’ve created a collection, it’s super easy to add to it any time you want.  Just repeat the above steps #1 and #2, and then choose your desired collection from the collections menu to add a product to it.

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