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18 Winners share Time Machine 20,151 TCredits Zackpot!

EZ-winnerOur most recent Time Machine game ended today, giving us our long-awaited answer to our question, What will the all-time box office rank for the new HUNGER GAMES movie be on Dec. 4th?

18 different TripleClicks members predicted the correct answer of 179.

With a final Zackpot of 20,151, each winner received an equal share of 1,119 TCredits!

For a complete list of all the winners, see:

Fun Fact: Time Machine has now awarded over 353,834 TCredits to over 5,933 winners.

Note! A brand new Time Machine question is now live. To enter your prediction, go now to:

Tip: See our Time Machine Tips HERE to help you win the new Time Machine Zackpot!

On behalf of Zack the Zebra, CONGRATULATIONS to our latest Time Machine winners!  Enjoy all those mighty TCredits and your new badge!

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