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Fun, free league play now available for Card King, Gold Streak, KOT!


In addition to our recently announced Uber-Picks league play, we are pleased to announce today that league play is now available for:

  • Card King
  • Gold Streak
  • Knockout Trivia


Yes, you can now create your own private league for any of these three popular Eager Zebra games!

Here’s how it works:

  1. From here, click the “Play” button to go to the entry page for the game you’d like to start a league for.
  2. Under the main dashboard area, you’ll see a banner about starting your own league.  Click the “learn more” button.
  3. On the league info page that appears, choose a fun name for your league. Tip: Examples of names are provided.
  4. Upon submission, you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your new league.  It will include your new league’s exclusive Web page (URL) and your exclusive League Invitation Link.
  5. Invite friends and co-workers to join your league by providing them with your League Invitation Link.
  6. Upon accepting your invitation, each of your league members will receive immediate access to your league Web page and can start participating in your league play.  Let the fun begin!

6 great reasons to start your own Eager Zebra league

  1. You get to be the CEO of your own personalized, private league!
  2. Competing with your friends and co-workers is FUN (especially if you create a side prize–see ideas in FAQs below).
  3. Makes paying Eager Zebra games even more exciting!
  4. Play year around.
  5. We do all the hard work…and we do it all for FREE! The customized league Website included has a leaderboard that tracks all scoring for all of your league’s members all year long, a live chat board, and more.  All you have to do is invite your league members; we’ll take care of everything else including distributing badges and any shares of the Zackpot won each week.  We’ll also send out an e-mail reminder to any of your members who haven’t played recently, and all of your league members will also receive a weekly recap e-mail that recognizes the members who finished with the highest scores, and more.  Again, all provided FREE!
  6. You’ll be positioned to be the beneficiary of W3-induced “waves”  That is, thanks to the new W3 program, if any of your league members invite others to play or start their own separate leagues, these folks can all become your referred members.


Q: Do my league members have to pay (buy and spend TCredits) to play?
No.  Card King, Gold Streak, and Knockout Trivia all offer multiple free daily games, so your league members can play free every day.

Q: What is the scoring system used for league play for these games?
In short, your league members simply need to begin playing regularly to score points for league recognition and honors, ideally at least 2-3 games a day.  Note: Each game may use different scoring.  Card King, for example, uses your top ten scores and adds them altogether for your weekly league score.  League scoring details for each game are provided on your league webpage.

Q: So if I played, say, 25 games a week, it will automatically use my 10 highest scores for the league?
Yes.  So the more games you play, the better your chances are of winning league honors.

Q: If it’s free for my league members to play each week, how does this help me earn commissions?
First of all, the primary reason why your friends will join your league is because of how much fun it is to compete against people you know–even if it’s just for the bragging rights in your group.  But because it’s a competition, your league members will be looking for ways to increase their odds of winning.  That’s where Sidekicks and other in-game help (like Card King “Peeks”) come in––and these require the use of TCredits.  If you create a fun, competitive league, members will naturally start buying and using TCredits.

Q: How can I attract lots of people to join my league?
Number one, make it FUN…and people will flock to participate!  Here are some ways to infuse fun into your league.

  • Get a traveling trophy.  It could just be something silly like a rock that you’ve painted…or a big bottle of Tabasco sauce (for your “hottest” league member).  Better yet, get a real trophy locally or from an online store like, complete with your league’s name engraved on it!  You can get some great trophies for $15 or less!  Especially within an office, people will love being recognized and getting to display the trophy for the weeks they’re the high scorer (and they’ll work hard to keep winning).
  • Offer a prize at the end of the season for the person who scored the most points.  A nice prize will definitely increase interest, engagement, and fun for everyone in your league.  Best of all, you don’t have to keep track of anything.  The leaderboard on your league Website automatically tracks all the scoring each week and for the season for all your league members.
  • Spice it up with some friendly banter on your league Website’s chat board.
  • Consider a traveling “stinker trophy” for the worst record of the week, too.  Have fun with it of course, don’t make anyone feel bad!  Perhaps it’s a box of diapers or a framed picture of a sad dog/cat that they must keep on their desk all week as a reminder to pick up their game.
  • Consider a fun weekly e-mail or blog to further engage your league members with discussions about each week’s games, recognizing good and not-s0-good play, the badges that members are winning, etc.

Q: What’s the definition of a “season” for these games?
You’ll be able to start your league play almost immediately, but you can also align your league with our formal quarterly schedule.  Each quarter is a season.  Quarter 1 (Winter) runs from January 1st to March 31, quarter 2 (Spring) from April 1 to June 30, quarter 3 (Summer) from July 1 to September 30, and quarter 4 (Fall) is from October 1 to December 31.  Special badges and other recognition will be provided for each quarter’s (season’s) top league players.

Q: Won’t being a League Commissioner require a lot of time and work?
Actually, one of the best reasons to start an Eager Zebra league is that WE do all the heavy lifting for you!  The free, customized league website included has a leaderboard that tracks all scoring throughout the season, a live chat board, and more.  All you really have to do is invite your league members; we’ll take care of everything else including distributing badges and any shares of the Zackpot won each week.  We’ll also send out e-mail reminders to your less-active members for you, and all of your league members will also receive a weekly recap that recognizes the members who finished with the highest scores, and more.

Q: What is the minimum number of league members required?
Five (including yourself).

Q: What is the cost if my league becomes larger than ten members?
For up to ten members, there is no cost.  If your league is larger than ten, you will need to upgrade your league.  You will be charged (as the League Commissioner), a nominal number of TCredits per member over ten.  You can of course require that your member(s) reimburse you for this cost.

Q: Can I invite anyone to join my league?
Yes. You can invite anyone!

Q: Can I create more than one league?
Yes, you could have a league for you and your co-workers, another league for you and some family members who love games, and so on–for Card King, Gold Streak, and Knockout Trivia! Best of all, you can create unlimited leagues for free!  Other companies charge as much as $30-$50 per league.  We provide it for FREE!

Q: If I create more than one league, does that mean I have to play more games…or how does that work?
No.  Once you’ve created your leagues, all you have to do is play the games like normal.  The scores you post in those games will automatically be applied to EVERY league you’re a part of (even those you might have joined that you didn’t create).

Q: Is only the league commissioner allowed to invite members to his/her league?
That’s up to the commissioner.  Commissioners can certainly allow their league members to use their League Invitation League and invite others if they wish to.

Q: Are more Eager Zebra games and more league opportunities planned?
Definitely!  We have a large number of games of many different kinds in development!

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