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New at Pricebenders: Micro auctions!

Starting October 1st–and the first of several great new Pricebenders additions and improvements coming in October–we’re pleased to announce our new MICRO auctions!

Currently, micro auctions will feature 10 and 20 packs of TCredits.

Why “go micro?”  We’ve created Micro auctions specifically for new and inexperienced bidders–and so that hundreds more people every month can get to experience the fun and thrill of winning a Pricebenders auction.


Because these auctions are for very small quantities, they will usually be won for a very small number of bids…and will typically have much shorter durations, too.  Hence, Micro auctions should be substantially less intimidating to participate in…and much faster and easier to win!  For the initial launch, 100% of all Micro auctions will be restricted to bidders who have won 9 auctions or less.  That is, they will all be JUNIOR auctions. However, starting with week two of Micro auctions, 20% will be open to ALL bidders (with 80% designated as Junior auctions).

Micro auctions are set to run multiple times a day.  For the full Pricebenders schedule, and/or to set an auction alert for yourself, go HERE.

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