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6 ways to reduce (or eliminate) shipping costs at TripleClicks

icon-blog_tc1. Shop the ECA(s) located in your country or region.  TripleClicks features thousands of ECAs from all over the world.  You can buy from your local ECAs while greatly reducing shipping costs and delivery times.  To find your local ECAs, use the Advanced Search filters at TripleClicks, or view all ECAs in your country HERE.

2. Connect with your local ECAs.  Some ECAs occasionally offer special reduced and/or free shipping promotions.  By being connected with them, you’ll be alerted to these special promotions.  To connect with your local ECAs, see this list to view all ECAs in your country.

3. Many ECAs offer the “Will-Call” option–which allows you to pick up your orders personally at their local store. Look for the Will-Call option at checkout.

4. Look for ECA products offering free shipping.  You can find these items by using the “Ships to me for free” filter in the Advanced Search.

5. Buy digital products at TripleClicks.  “Mighty TCredits,” for example, because they are 100% digital can be delivered to your TripleClicks account instantly and have no shipping cost.  But there are hundreds of other digital choices with no shipping costs, too.  Check them out HERE.

6. Some ECAs may charge more than they should.  Use the “Report Abuse” link on their product details pages to report excessive shipping costs.  If enough TripleClicks members do this and don’t buy the ECA’s products because of it, they will get the message and lower their shipping costs.

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