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Exciting news for Pricebenders auctions!

screenshot_289Pricebenders just got a lot more exciting!

1. Check out our new “99¢ Cap” auctions.  For these auctions, no matter how many bids are placed, the price you’ll pay at checkout if you win will be no more than 99¢!  Yes, less than one dollar!  Wow, talk about bending the price!

To view 99¢ Cap auctions, just look for the new “99¢” tags on the Auction Schedule.

2. We are also drastically increasing the number of daily auctions.  There will be more than 600 additional auctions in September…so that there can be hundreds of new, first-time winners next month!  

There’s never been a better time to become a “Pricebender!” We hope you’ll turn out to make the next several weeks record-breaking!

TIP: If you’re new, or just need a refresher on how Pricebenders works or how to win a Pricebenders auction, check out these invaluable resources:

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