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Gold Streak is back!

GoldCoinStacksWe’re happy to announce that our popular Eager Zebra game, Gold Streak, has returned.  You can play Gold Streak now (first two game FREE) at:

Of course, the reason Gold Streak was temporarily offline was because of the recent discovery that one or more persons had cataloged all the winning answers and were selling this information–allowing numerous people to readily cheat and to be essentially unbeatable.

Because there’s no reasonable way to combat cataloging now or in the future, we have been compelled to eliminate the TCredits Zackpot from Gold Streak.  Because there should be little if any interest in cheating to win a game that does not have a financial prize, this levels the playing field–giving everyone the opportunity to win the game, so we hope everyone will try the game again now.

Speaking of winning, we’re now recognizing the top TEN streaks each day (ties included), so you’ll have an even greater opportunity to win now!  Win badges, bragging rights, and compete for the top spots on the three Gold Streak leaderboards:

Also, for each TCredit spent playing Gold Streak, you’ll earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) for each entry where a TCredits is spent.

Special Note:  For those who had a Streakasphere streak busted when the game was taken offline, your streak has been restored!  You’ll just need to reach the Streakasphere at least once today to maintain your streak.

We realize that many of our Gold Streak fans are disappointed that a Zackpot will no longer be one of the prizes.  We hate it too, but it’s really the only feasible option to keep the game available for play and FAIR for all.  The good news, is we’re getting very close to debuting our latest and greatest new Eager Zebra games.  So, if Gold Streak has lost its allure with you, that’s okay, because multiple new games you’re sure to love are on the horizon!

One more thing:  Since Gold Streak’s debut in September 2014, some have struggled to understand that it is a game about guessing how other people think, and NOT a game based on facts.  To enjoy the game, it’s vital that you understand this distinguishing characteristic.  Also, before playing, we also STRONGLY recommend you review our “tips for winning” article here:

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