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New Pricebenders “Under-Performer” auctions

logo-PB_nobgBOOM!  We’ve just created a new type of auction we call “Under-Performers.”

Under-Performers are auction products that, um, haven’t performed well, and have been getting auctioned off for very few bids and HUGE savings.   Specifically, Under Performers are products that have auctioned off for at least 95% off the retail price for the last five auctions (at least).

Such items of course represent products that should be easier to win due to their clear lack of popularity.  So to help you win them, these items are now flagged for you on the auction schedule.  You’ll find them marked with the “UP” code on the schedule.

Note: Once an item breaks its streak of 5 straight auctions/minimum of 95% off, the item will longer be denoted with the “UP” code.

Happy bidding!

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