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Introducing…Big Dog games, Junior games, and more!


Everyone who is familiar with our very popular Pricebenders auctions knows about the following auction types:

  • Double MRP auctions
  • 1WA auctions (auctions for those looking for their first win)
  • Junior auctions
  • Big Dog auctions

Now, we’re excited to announce that all of these attributes are appearing regularly in our Knockout Trivia games, too!

We will be testing different percentages, but for now, you will see:

  • 1W (restricted to only those who’ve not yet won) on 4% of matches
  • Junior (restricted to only those with 5 wins or less) on 4% of matches
  • Double MRP on 15% of matches
  • Big Dog auctions on 4% of matches

What makes Big Dog games…big dog?  Entry for Big Dog games will be 5 TCredits.  Lifelines, revivals, etc. will also cost more TCredits.  So why play when it costs more?  Here are three big reasons:

  • Bigger Zackpots are likely
  • Less competition is likely
  • Winners earn a special Knockout Trivia Big Dog badge (note: expires after 15 days).

We are going to continue to offer free entry for 48% of all matches.

To know which attribute each current or upcoming game is using (if any), simply check out the Knockout Trivia panel on the GAMES index at:


FYI: So that you can be alerted to the types of games you want to participate in, we will soon be making available a special Eager Zebra Twitter feed that you’ll be able to subscribe to to receive notifications of games starts for each of the different types of games.

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