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Introducing…Pick The Price 2.0!

logo-eagerzebracomPick The Price (PTP) is now a full-fledged Eager Zebra game.  Check out all these great improvements:

1. PTP now has its own daily Zackpot that, each day, starts at 500 TCredits and grows with game entries for a full 24 hours!

2. We’ve made it WAAAY easier to play PTP with a sweet new central entry page.  You can now enter up to 30 PTP contests at once.  And if you want to be reminded when to return to enter more, just select to receive a “remind me” e-mail (located immediately above the Official Rules).

3. We’ve eliminated the the minimum $1.00 for a PTP contest to be consummated.  Now, no matter what price an auctions ends at, there will be a PTP winner!

4. Previously, if there was no exact pick, the winner was the entrant closest to the amount without going over.  It’s now just the closest.  You can be under or over the amount, with the closest pick winning.  Note: In the case of a tie, the earliest pick will be deemed the winner.

5. We’ve added–to the Pricebenders Latest Winners page–all of your picks.  That is, your PTP picks are now automatically recorded for easy referencing.  You’ll find your pick under the auctions winner’s name, under the gray box on the right side of the page.

6. We’ve removed the win limit.  You can win as many times as you can each day!

7. Want to get an idea of what amount to predict?  With PTP 2.0, you can just click the “Price History” link located on each auction panel.  This will present you with a listing of recent auctions for this item (if any) and the winning price of each!

To start playing the new and improved PTP, head over to:

If you win, you’ll receive an e-mail notification confirming the amount of TCredits won.  You will receive this e-mail the day following the auction won.  And/or, you can confirm if you’ve won by checking the Pricebenders Latest Winners page as soon as an auction ends.

TIP: Be sure to click the TIPS button for special tips for winning PTP (and get in the habit of using this resource for ALL Eager Zebra games).

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